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Faith Revealed

Faith Revealed is a Christian missionary organization that is passionate about serving others and making a difference in the lives of people throughout the world. Our mission is to share the hope of Jesus Christ by building relationships and meeting people’s physical, spiritual, and educational needs. We strive to love God and love our neighbors by being a light in the darkness and bringing biblical truth to those who are searching for hope.


Our mission

We fulfill Jesus' command "to love God" and to "love your neighbor as yourself" by giving and sharing our talents, time, and resources to address the spiritual, physical , and educational needs of children and families throughout the world.  

Our vision

We empower, encourage, and equip 
Christian missionaries who align with our core values to reach their field of calling

We partner with churches and other organizations for short and long-term missions to reach impoverished or unreached communities by bringing hope through Christ centered programs.

We connect church leaders and people around the world to fulfill God's plan with a focus on growing and sustaining relationships while sharing resources.


Our core values

Biblical Christianity - We are called by God to serve in alignment with authentic Biblical principles.

Sacrificial servant-hood - We serve with an attitude of humility in all that we do and our desire is to bring hope through joyful service and compassion.

Cultural integrity - We go to countries as learners, respecting their culture. We will work together and alongside churches and ministry leaders to mutually discern and fulfill God's will.

Responsible stewardship - We are committed to raising and using funds to improve lives of impoverished people and supporting them in their own countries.

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