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We invite you to contribute to our ministry efforts by assisting with financial support. Your donation will help us in our mission to spread the gospel and provide aid to those in need. We are grateful for your generosity and your support makes a difference in the lives of many. Thank you for considering a donation to our mission.  You can donate monthly, annually, or as a one time special gift.  Please use the link below to donate online through PayPal or if you prefer mail a check made out to Faith Revealed to:


Faith Revealed

PO Box 503

Medora, ND  58645                 

Your generous donation supports our ministry in tangible ways



Farming God's Way

Housing, transportation, meals, and training materials associated with a FGW seminar.  excludes airfare 



Construction projects

Construction of small homes, schools, and churches in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Africa



Grub hoes

Covers the cost of 5 hoes for a FGW seminar, which are left behind for the participants



Land purchases

Land for construction projects in Nicaragua, Cuba, and Africa



Christmas in the mountains

Clothing and small gifts for children and families that farm on small coffee farms in the mountains of Nicaragua



Missionary support

Monthly, annual, or one time gifts of support for a missionary

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